You are at: Bangladesh Vision Center Establishment and Management, (Jamalpur)

Project Starting date : January 01, 2022

Project Ending date : December 31, 2022

Primary eye care is a vital component of primary health care (PHC) and includes the promotion of eye health and the prevention and treatment of conditions that may lead to visual loss. PEC is an integral part of primary health care (PHC), and a participatory and inclusive approach to involves health workers in font line facilities and community health workers, within the scope of the local health system.

“Vision 2020 – The Right to Sight” initiative advocates the approach of strengthening PEC to achieve the ultimate goal of providing barrier free access to all levels of eye care for everyone needing it. Stakeholders in eye care have undertaken initiatives to develop innovative solutions to achieve this. Vision centre model is one such innovation. It is a primary care delivery unit, linked to a formal eye hospital, manned by a locally recruited and adequately trained semi-professional capable of delivering basic eye care at the community level.