Training/Course Title Objective of the Course
Ophthalmic Assistant (MLOP)
  • To provide better clinical ophthalmic assistance to ophthalmologist.
  • To train efficient ophthalmic assistants to assist ophthalmologist.
  • To enable the students to assess the refractive error of the patient and prescribe spectacles.
  • To enable them to perform ophthalmic diagnostic procedures.
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  • In orienting themselves to comprehensive setup of a refraction unit.
  • To learn the scientific and advanced techniques in refraction.
  • To enhance their clinical skill in refraction
  • To gain knowledge and skill which can be implemented for community eye care services.
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  • The course will primarily focus on enhancing the skills of Orthoptist
  • practitioners and  to upgrade their knowledge and skill, and to provide customized clinical skill development.
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  • To provide compassionate care and personal attention to all patients, treating them equally, promptly in a friendly and courteous manner.
  • To provide accurate, reliable information and guidance to patients as per their needs and requirements.
  • To create awareness about hospital services.
  • To increase patient satisfaction.
  • To assist patients in informed decision making in the areas of admission, surgery, pre-operative care, post-operative care, discharge, follow-up care and special procedures.
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O.T Nurse
  • Provision of an ideal environment for conducting surgery:
  • Promoting a high standard of asepsis
  • Ensuring proper care and comfort of patients
  • Providing optimum conditions of work for staff.
  • Establishment of rules, procedures, workflow and protocols for the smooth and efficient functioning of the department and performance of operating procedures.
  • Defining operative sessions and allocating theater time to various surgical teams based on need, collected for disposal or for cleaning and sterilizations.
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O.T Management
  • To provide knowledge and develop practical skills in the field of OT
  • To enhance clinical skills to support the ophthalmologist
  • To upgrade technical skills in handling of and maintenance of instruments and other equipment.

Target group

  • The target group is confined to MLOPs of other organizations
  • OT assistants interested in ophthalmic surgery
  • General Nurses working in an ophthalmology set up

Outcome of the course

  • By the end of this course the trainee will be able to:
  • Assist in cataract surgeries.
  • Manage an ophthalmic theatre in a cost effective manner
  • Promote patient centered care with continuous quality improvement
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Integrated Hospital Management Software (IHMS)
  • To Manage  Patient Care
  • To Ward Management
  • To keep Medical Record:
  • To Manage Medical Record Tracking:
  • To Patient Flow Management
  • To develop Referral Patient Management
  • To Manage Community Outreach programmed
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Ocular Microbiology Course for Lab Assistant
  • To recognize common Lab. instruments and equipments.
  • To understand Lab. safety
  • To perform safety maintenance of Lab. instruments and equipments, reagents.
  • To understand to handle common lab. reagents and chemicals.
  • To understand the principles of measuring and weighing.
  • To describe the basis of ocular microbiology
  • To perform microscopic identification of common ocular pathogens.
  • To know the use of biological microscope
  • To practice the right method of collecting specimens and prepare smears.
  • To know the staining techniques
  • To practice all the basic sterilization techniques
  • To describe the purpose of washing hands and practice the correct steps in cleaning glass wares.
  • To describe the way of collecting urine and blood samples and its proper storage and transport systems.
  • To understand slit lam examination,
  • staining, schirmer test
  • Conjunctival scrab
  • Corneal scraping
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Medical Records Management (MRM)


  • Purpose, value and need for medical records
  • Planning for and creating a sustainable Medical Record Department
  • Applying information technology (IT) for records management


  • Organising Records by job and by function
  • Safety and Security of
  • Records
  • Legal aspects of Medical Records development
  • Records Department
  • Administration
  • Quality Control  in Medical Records


  • Numbering and filing systems including ICD code
  • Data Index Method
  • International Disease classification
  • Collection and preparation of  reports
  • Introduction to Electronic Medical Records
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Maintenance of Ophthalmic Instruments and Equipment
  • How to listing and keeping track of all equipment in the hospital.
  • How maintaining adequate stock of essential supplies for instruments (bulbs, fuses, paper rolls etc.).
  • Developing procedures for keeping track of the entire maintenance process (care maintenance and repair) including warranty and maintenance contracts.
  • Maintaining catalogues instruction and service manuals of the instruments. Training the users of instruments on the various Dos and DON’Ts.
  • Trouble shooting and diagnosing the problems in instruments reported to be not working.
  • Rectifying faults that can be handled locally and properly communicating the problem as precisely as possible to the supplier/outside service agency.
  • Planning for maintenance activity in a outreach program site away from the hospital.
  • Skills relating to maintenance of electrical and electronic instruments.
  • Skills relating to maintenance of optical instruments
  • Skills relating to maintenance of mechanical parts of equipment
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