O.T Nurse

OT Nurse

Surgery is the most dramatic facets of medicine and has been one of the greatest advancements in mankind. It has crossed from the primitive form at almost the beginning of man through successive stages to the miraculous procedures of the atomic age. An operating department in an eye hospital is the unit in which surgeries are done for the ultimate mission of providing quality eye care and to prevent needless blindness in the community for ultimate wellbeing.



The aim of this course is to help the candidates:

  • Provision of an ideal environment for conducting surgery:
  • Promoting a high standard of asepsis
  • Ensuring proper care and comfort of patients
  • Providing optimum conditions of work for staff.
  • Establishment of rules, procedures, workflow and protocols for the smooth and efficient functioning of the department and performance of operating procedures.
  • Defining operative sessions and allocating theater time to various surgical teams based on need, collected for disposal or for cleaning and sterilizations.