Optical Dispensing

Optical Dispensing

A trained optician is required for the management of avoidable blindness by means of modern scientific dispensing. Aravind Eye Care System offers advanced

training in optical dispensing and trains the optical technicians in a well-equipped optical training centre. The objective of this course is to develop the opticianary skills and knowledge for quality vision care services.



The aim of this course is to help the candidate:

  • To guide the patients to choose the suitable frames and appropriate lenses for their
  • visual needs.
  • To measure the lens power by lensometry
  • To do lens glazing with scientific methods by manual process.
  • To troubleshoot the problematic spectacles.
  • To do the frame measurements, centering and decentering techniques.
  • To Inspect the lens defects
  • To organize the optical service in community outreach programmes