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Living a life without light, is living a life without color. The world we live in is endowed with colorful, divine things, which can be felt only with our eyes. But there are millions of less fortunate ones who can not see and get the real zest of living with the sight to see. Millions of people are blind or visually handicapped in our country and more than 50,000 are adding to this number every year. Children are the most vulnerable to some diseases, which cause blindness. These people live with the hope of having their sight back someday. Bangladesh National Society for the Blind (BNSB) is a Voluntary, Non-Governmental Organization started its journey in the year of 1972, believing in the oaths of preventing and curing blindness, and rehabilitating the incurable blind people of the country. The cordial patronage of Andheri Hilfe, Germany has facilitated this endeavor of treating the blind in the least cost. The journey of BNSB is still on the run.